Friday, June 1, 2018

More arting, more learning, new tools!

I've been able to keep up my drawing, and studying perspective, rendering and lighting.
Been trying to keep up the figure drawing, (once again sorry for bad photos),

but it's been much less to be honest. I've gotten distracted by a perspective exercise that has become bigger (and teaching me a lot more) than I intended.

Basically I found out about architect's perspective, and decided I was going to figure out how to use it in reverse in three point perspective to get the floor and wall plans of "Thia's" house in the game I play,

so I could then redraw it in a different position and in fact in any position I wanted to, in correct proportions... yeaaah >.> complicated.  More Than I thought, even.I got it wrong several times and it had me looking up perspective more in depth, but mostly I figured it out myself.

And then I decided to use that image to practice visual storytelling, as well as rendering and coloring, which meant reading up on those things... which lead to me buying new books on the subject,

And also a shiny new tool (!!! :D !!!) that will help me do linework digitally, and as a super special extra will also help me learn more coloring (that's my favorite use of it), and also sketch more digitally on the go.

I'll post more about my house drawing once it's done, including in progress pictures. For now, here's something I made with my new ipad pro.