Friday, February 9, 2018

Rusty new studies

These past few months I have been drawing again. Mainly focusing on trying to improve my understanding of the human figure in 3 dimensions. I started out really rusty, but am really excited about the fact that I am drawing at all again.

Please forgive the horrible image  quality, I used my phone to take photos, no scanner right now and not worth the trouble of having it done elsewhere.

Here's some figures I drew from either reference or imagination. I think both will be important for learning:

I've also been experimenting with digital coloring and lighting in photoshop, Krita and Clip Studio Paint. I got Clip Studio Paint for christmas, been trying to learn it slowly.

Some digital experiments:

And a candy still life exercise, with more serious attention paid to finishing it:

I'm trying to do some art at least a little every day. I feel like this is a good time for me to get better, I'm out of practice and haven't taken art seriously for over four years, which makes me rusty, but also gives me a great opportunity to get rid of old bad habits since they are dormant too.