Sunday, July 10, 2011

Smileys and color doodles.

Here are a couple things I have been doodling.

The other evening I made this batch of smiley faces with different expressions, to be used as (sort of) flash cards for Michael and I to use to practice portuguese words for feelings and faces and related subjects. (Sorry about the bad photos, didn't want to bother with the scanner for these.):

assorted smiley face tiles

For some reason I was having difficulty with a "sleepy" that didn't look "bored" or "feverish" that night, haha: failed sleepys

I have been trying to focus more on color this year, so besides trying to pay more attention to it in real life, I've been trying to add more color to my doodles and sketches, in an effort to make color more fun and intuitive for me, and less "fill-in-the-lines" :P

some color doodles